Saturday, January 23, 2016

free black thrash: Lethal Cross

Lethal Cross (Chile)
Maldita nación (demo)
This is a free recording.
This is black thrash from Chile, pretty close to black metal. Regardless, the recording is rather good quality. The music is filled with conviction and the metal hunger for guitar maniac riffing and more guitar and mania. If you don't pay attention, the riffs will leave you behind in a flash. Plenty of shredding, solos, riffs, hooks and speed. You can bang your head, but if you don't want to do that then you could also bang your head. Besides the fact that the songs sound infectious, I also like the fact that this is metal by a band dedicated to the metal. People into death metal, black metal and thrash metal, this is for y'all. This band has no interest in and no intent of wasting your or anyone's time, so come this way for seriously headbanging metal. This recording does not sound like a garage demo, either. It's a short recording, but it's full of passion for metal, and for restoring the guitar to its rightful place as the king of metal music, the way it should be. Fantastic.
1.Falsa mirada 05:14
2.Sueños torturados 02:52
3.Hijos de la oscuridad 03:09
4.Maldita nación 03:02
total time 14:17

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