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Exterminas (Italy)
release: November 11th, 2015
label: Satanath Records
Below you will find an assessment of the album, which is available in full at the Bandcamp link below. You will also find the band’s bio which was provided by the band to this publication.
style: black metal
instrumentation: the guitars are the dominant element, backed up by very competent, tight drumming
vocals: low growling; relatively monotonous and consistent; similar to, perhaps, Immolation
production: modern, relatively clear sound, for this style; not necro/garage black metal
songwriting: the thrashy riffing, the tremolo and guitar playing in general stands out and gives the band its identity; the songs sound very inviting from the beginning
general assessment: Exterminas on this album puts on a showcase of experience and intelligence. The album is meant to stand out through the use of memorable guitar work, headbanging intensity and songs that will appeal to the black metal audiences. The band definitely shows up in full force on this album, ready to execute as best as they can. The listener will notice easily that there is knowledge and skill at work in the various phases of the instrumentation. The sound quality is modern; not as affluent as latter-day Dimmu Borgir or Satyricon album, but clearly a quality recording is the objective of Exterminas. The black metal, the black thrash and the war metal audiences are the main crowds that will support this album.
band information: “Exterminas was formed in 2008 by Raven and Moloch, at their first musical experience, and after some time Skoll joined as bassist and later Februus as vocalist. In 2010 a demo, called "Abaddon", was recorded and received good reviews from the Italian press and critics. Then followed some live shows with internationally renowned bands such as Necrodeath and Impiety. Two years later, the debut full length album, Seventh Demoniacal Hierarchy, was released by the American label Metallic Media. The album allowed Exterminas to be known worldwide, getting the approval from the Asian audience above all. Shortly after the release of the debut album, the band played for the first time outside Italy, taking part in a festival in Serbia together with the legends of Slavonic black metal The Stone. At the end of 2012 Eskathon joined the band, after a big experience in studio and live shows all around the world with Impiety. He brings to the band some death-thrash influences, which contribute to increase the complexity of new songs. In 2015 the band has finished and recorded the new album. In the meantime live activity goes on, with some huge Italian shows with bands like Rotting Christ and God Dethroned. Some shows are already booked for the new season, in Italy as well as abroad.”
Some bands they played with: Rotting Christ, God Dethroned, Necrodeath, Impiety, The Stone, Khephra, Wolf's Hunger, Logic of Denial, Karnak, Kurgaal, Xeper, Riul Doamnei, Common Grave, Necrosy, Blaze of Sorrow, The True Endless, Chronic Hate
complete discography:
Abaddon (demo) – 2010 self-released
Epistulae ad Luciferum (compilation) – 2010 WOM Records
Message from the other side (compilation) – 2011 Grom Records
Seventh Demoniacal Hierarchy (full album) – 2012 Metallic Media
the band:
Skoll: bass (2009-present)
Raven: drums (2009-present)
Moloch (Xeper [live]): guitars (2009-present)
Februus: vocals (2009-present)
Eskathon (ex-Impiety): guitars (2012-present)
1.God's Hammer 06:09
2.Unleashing the Cruelty 03:28
3.Collapse into Time 04:45
4.Swallowing the Gravity 05:01
5.Upheaval Seems Anathema 04:04
6.Wandering from the Death’s Shore 04:44
7.In Apotheosis of Pandemonium 04:56
8.The Dawn of Deceit 07:00
total time 40:07
exterminas666@yahoo.com dejan.ext@gmail.com tel.: +39 3403458489

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