Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Draug - Demo (Full Demo)

The idea behind Draug was to make extreme metal with a subtle twist of folkmusic, an idea conceived by Øystein Johansen and Daniel Andersen. Both recently moved to Oslo from Finnmark in December 2011. This vision became a reality when Draug formed in January 2012. Before the summer that very same year, Simen Storvik Kristiansen came in to play drums, forming the bands first line-up. After a year, Daniel decided to part ways with Draug, parallel to Ruben Sandstrand moving from Finnmark to fill in the line-up as bass player. Following this, Draug functioned as a trio until December 2013, when the desire for a second guitarist to fill the ranks and artistic vision became a topic. The solution came in the form of Hakon Roholt joining Draug in January 2014. As Draug had it's desired line-up, the band is ready to work as hard as it can to see where the road leads.
2015 has been an incredible year for Draug. We have played a lot of gigs this year, most notably our supportgig for Cradle of Filth and Ne Obliviscaris. On top of this we have released our first demo. We would like to wish all of you a very happy new year! We will be working even harder in 2016 to top 2015. New songs are already shaping up. Thanks so much for all the support along the way! This picture pretty much summarizes our year!
Draug - Demo (Full Demo)

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