Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Chronos Zero

Chronos Zero
Hollowlands - The Tears Path: Chapter One
release: 22 January 2016
label: Scarlet Records
genre: traditional prog metal (real metal; no core, no djent, no “post-rock”), with some extreme metal elements
instrumentation: heavy, chugging prog guitar, with melodic soloing; the songs are important, not just showing virtuosity; the keyboards play a major role in the background and upfront, during the neoclassical guitar/keyboards exchanges
vocals: variety of vocals, including melodic vocals, male and female, and extreme metal scream/growling
production: modern, pro level prog metal sound quality
songwriting: memorable songs; the guitar soloing and keyboard melodies, along with the different voices, give the songs their character
general assessment:
This band spices up the prog metal with a heavier guitar tone and some extreme metal vocals for an album within the framework of prog, but with other elements not found in traditional, melodic prog. The album definitely sounds serious, in the sense that this band is keenly aware of the state of prog metal at the moment. They know that there is a standard that they have to meet in order to be taken in earnest by prog audiences that back the bigger names in the genre, like Dream Theater or Symphony X. People that have stereotypes about prog as a weak-sounding, super melodic or even whiny genre might be surprised by the muscular sound of this band. It’s not that it doesn’t have melody, it’s that it does not sound whiny, emo, weak and irritating. It’s traditional and proggy, but still heavy.
caveat: It might surprise some people to hear prog be this heavy, while remaining within the confines of traditional prog metal. The variety of vocals and the use of extreme vocals might be a deal maker or a deal breaker for some listeners, depending on how ready they are for the more intense vocals.
official band information:
“Chronos Zero released their debut album ‘A Prelude Into Emptiness' in 2013, with very positive reaction from the press. The band is now back with a renovated line-up and a new album which is the follow-up of the epic saga introduced on their debut, diving into a sea of mystery, darkness, deception, hope mythology, physics and philosophy. ‘Hollowlands’ displays plenty of beautifully written melodies, top notch musicianship and classy arrangements, in the vein of Dream Theater, Symphony X, Adagio, Meshuggah and Nevermore, with ethnic influences and a cinematographic feeling surrounding the whole work. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by celebrated producer Simone Mularoni (DGM) at Domination Studios in San Marino and features three notable guests: Simone Mularoni himself, Matt Marinelli (Borealis) and Jan Manenti (Love.Might.Kill.). The Artwork was handled by Enrico Zavatta Design & Multimedia.”
“Chronos Zero borns in 2011 as a solo project of Enrico Zavatta. Beside the orginal idea we made our way during these few years and the resulting project is what we are today! Everything starts with Enrico Zavatta and Federico Dapporto since forever and in the late 2012 with Davide Gennari we start to get into right feelings. In 2012, on the way of recording the the prelude chapter album (A Prelude Into Emptiness, 2013) due a stylistic choice we decided that we needed an aggressive but still melodic oriented singer and that he could perfectly suit the chemistry of the composition. The best choice been found: Gianbattista Jan Manenti (singer of Love.Might.Kill) and from then on we started this awesome cooperation. During 2013 Giuseppe Rinaldi been Chronos Zero keyboardist.”
current line-up:
Margherita Leardini: singer
Manuel Guerrieri: singer
Enrico Zavatta: guitars and composition
Federico Dappporto: bass
Davide Gennari: drums
Featuring Jan Manenti (Love.Might.Kill) as singer
track list:
1.The Compression of Time
4.On the Tears of Path
5.Who Are You? (A Shape of Nothingness)
6.Who Am I? (Overcame by Blackwater Rain)
7.Ruins of the Memories of Fear
8.Phalanx of Madness
9.Oblivion Pt. 1 - The Underworld
10.Oblivion Pt. 2 - The Trial of Maat
11.Oblivion Pt. 3 - The Harp
12.The Fall of the Balance
13.Near the Nightmare
14.From Chaos to Chaos

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