Thursday, January 21, 2016

Benefactor Decease

Benefactor Decease
Anatomy of an Angel
release date: November 20th, 2015
label: Xtreem Music
genre: fast crossover thrash
instrumentation: fast riffing and drumming; unexpectedly, the bass guitar is definitely audible
vocals: traditional punk-style vocals of crossover thrash
production: solid sound quality for this style; listen to the complete album on Bandcamp at the link below
songwriting: the band’s enthusiasm seems obvious in the fast songs, soloing, drumming and fast energy; straight to the point fast music
general assessment:
Moshing and headbanging is the mission of this band from Greece. As dedicated thrashers know, Greek thrash bands have been making a name for themselves in the recent period. Is it a coincidence that this is happening at the same time that Greece continues in the grip of an economic crisis? Is the anger boiling over into the metal sphere? The band pulls no punches, does no tricks, it’s thrash the way it once was, the way it is. The album is recommended for the absolute diehard love-it-all thrashers.
caveat: The vocals may be too punk for some thrashers and listeners in general that prefer more professional or serious or metal-style vocals.
band information: “Benefactor Decease were formed in 2007 by Zissis (Guitarz), Andrew (Drums) , Hara (Vocals) and Apollo (Bass) as founding members, willing to play ultra violent 80’s thrash metal like Dark Angel, Slayer, Exodus, Razor and Kreator. The female vocals by Hara was a real challenge for the band. After a lot changes in the line-up the band records their first EP titled “Massive Spreads Of Death” and it was released by Anger Of Metal Records (Germany) in 500 LPs with a new female vocalist Xanthi and Billy as lead guitarist. Benefactor Decease gave many live gigs and supported band like Onslaught and Necronomicon. Then it was time for the next release of the band. A split EP titled “ Authorization: Legal Offence “ in 1500 CD copies from the Korean Infernal Kaos Productions (korea) and became a sold – out. Then Billy was replaced by Dimitris “Abba” Abatzidis as lead guitarist and Xara returned as lead singer. For personal reasons just before the release of the first full length album Andrew leaves the band and was replaced by Peter (100 Bullets), Dimitris was replaced by Nick also. But for personal reasons and health problems the band took a long inactivated break. Today Benefactor Decease are back with fresh line up with Panos “Cut-throat” Toufexidis on Vocals , Zissis “Coroner” Rhythm Guitarz, Nick “Chainsaw Murder” lead guitarz, Apollo “Parafiliak” Bass + Back up, and Vaggelis “Technical Arrogance” on drums…. Thrash Back….!”
track list:
1.Intro - Intermental Excitation 01:01
2.Electrical Death 06:02
3.Chronicles of a Paraphiliak 07:03
4.Anatomy of an Angel 05:51
5.The Finest Form for Body Modification 01:40
6.Feeling the Razor's Touch 04:18
7.Abandonement to the Hanger 09:01
8.Subsistence for Regeneretic Impulse 03:49
9.Lyssa 02:27
10.A Blade in the Dark 04:53
total time 46:05

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