Friday, January 1, 2016


The short description of Adore on Bandcamp says: “One-woman black metal. Dsbm, cosmos/galactic, mythological, mystical, paranormal, historical song themes.” Metal Archives and Bandcamp both list two recordings so far for Adore: The “Infamy of the Black Legions” demo from 2013 and The “Wanderers of Oblivion” album from 2015. This music is for black metal supporters into one-person projects and for those that would like to learn more about the raw, homemade, chaotic black metal of Adore.
Facebook does not have much information about Adore. What is the history of Adore?
Adore is a one-woman black metal project originally started up in southeastern Louisiana, but is now in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Adore, which was nameless when I started up in the early 2000's with my ex-husband who was a drummer, arose when my old band from southeastern Louisiana parted ways for educational reasons. A few of us moved to different cities to pursue postgraduate degrees. I had all these new songs I composed on guitar and my ex-husband and I started practicing them on his off time. Then I got really busy with my professional career and had no time for music. In late 2008, there was a major change and suddenly I had all of this time and was able to dedicate more time to music. My ex-husband and I also parted ways and I started creating all the aspects of the music on my own. Most of the music actually dates back from many years ago. Like many others, I've endured some really tragic events and that along with my love for some of the darkest music on earth are what finally inspired me to start screaming and doing black metal vocals and also inspired me to release some of this music. It was an outlet for dealing with my dark reality.
Where do you see Adore in the future?
I feel Adore is gradually growing and I'm progressing as a musician and composer. Although, I do think this project will remain in the underground where I intend for it to stay. I have so many different musical ideas, lyrical themes, and directions I want to take the music. It is always challenging narrowing down ideas and deciding which songs to include on releases. What will remain consistent is the music will always be dark, atmospheric, and depressive.
How can people support your music?
People can support Adore by purchasing or downloading my music from either Red Steam Inc or Bandcamp, liking my Facebook page to keep up with updates, new music, and merchandise, and also by spreading the word to like-minded metalheads who are into raw, obscure, underground, dark music.
How would you describe your objectives?
The objectives of Adore are to serve as an outlet for pinned up emotions and also to fulfill my eternal desire to create something that will be here long after I'm gone. I'm a strong believer that your art immortalizes you. I always try to inspire others to create and also admire those who choose to create and share their gifts/talents with the world. I also hope that the music connects with like-minded people out there who have that strong love and passion for black metal. I want my music and other dark music to continue to be discovered and enjoyed throughout time.
Does Adore do live shows?
Adore will never play live shows. It's a one-person project that I intend on keeping this way, no matter how tedious and challenging it may be. I will have a few guest vocalists from time to time on future releases like I have had in the past (Cernunnos of Hæresiarchs of Dis and Grant Gordon). My song “Upon the Abysmal Threshold” was recently featured on a compilation by Black Metal Alliance called “Crushing Intolerance” Volume 3. There is also a video for it and many other Adore songs on Youtube.
I also have another project called Widowed Reverie that I created with my good Canadian friend Bianca Carpenter. We will release that album in the upcoming year or so. We have a few instrumental previews on Youtube that you can check out. Ultimately, I will continue creating music until I am physically unable to because it is my true passion.
I thank you immensely for your interest and support of Adore, and I encourage you all to continue to support black metal bands and projects. Best wishes always! Hailz \m/

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