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Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow has a new album scheduled for February 19th, 2016 and it is called "Tales of Gods and Monsters." They have a new video that you can see below, where you will also find a history of the band.
The US Metal veterans SLEEPY HOLLOW already released their reunion album ”Skull 13“ through Pure Steel Records back in 2012. Although they have parted ways with former singer Bob Mitchell meanwhile, they found a dignified replacement in Altar Of Dagon singer Chapel Stormcrow. The dramatic, plainly deeper vocals, which sometimes remind back to early Candlemass (especially in “Bound By Blood”) also fit to the traditional US Metal sound as good as the bursting high pitched screams of Mr. Mitchell. Recorded at Dirge Studios in Newark, Delaware, the eleven tracks (including an intro) obtained a modern, but classic metal sound. With “Tales Of Gods And Monsters“ SLEEPY HOLLOW will release a masterpiece of their career, that will elate old fans and recruit new ones!
Known, stylistically, for combining the elements of Power and Doom metal, America's SLEEPY HOLLOW are, thus far, credited with 4 official releases; the self-titled “Sleepy Hollow” (1991) “A Legend Retold” (2000) “best of” collection “Rest In Pieces: 1989-1992" (2002) and Skull 13 (2012) on Pure Steel/High Roller records.
In October 1986 Steve Stegg and Tom Wassman created Sleepy Hollow. For 2 years they played many shows throughout New York and New Jersey. The band split up in 1988, In August of 1989 the band reformed featuring Steve Stegg Guitars Tom Wassman Drums Steve Brink Bass and Bob Mitchel vocals. December of '89 saw the release of the infamous "89 demo" which remained as such up until October of 2000, when it was officially released on classic vinyl through the now defunct Old Metal Records under the title "A Legend Retold".
Early on and throughout their entire first run, SLEEPY HOLLOW were privileged to share billing status with some of Heavy Metal's most prominent national acts including Manowar, EZO, Nuclear Assault, Whiplash, Savatage, Non-Fiction, Wrathchild America and Pantera.
Eventually, the quartet had amassed a strong enough following to headline several self-managed tours throughout North America which, eventually, lead to securing a distribution deal with AZRA/Ironworks Records. In June of 1991, the self-titled "Sleepy Hollow" cd was unleashed. After its initial release, "Sleepy Hollow" had, at one point, reached number one on independent album charts in countries such as Belgium, France, Greece, Sweden, Portugal and Germany. They also received rave reviews and have appeared in magazines and fanzines worldwide, such as Metal Hammer Hungary, Metal Hammer Germany, Baphomet, Rock Hard, Thunderbolt Magazine, Den of Iniquity and many others.
Along with press coverage, the band received media attention in underground radio stations across the US as well as radio stations in several European countries including Germany, Sweden, Austria, Russia, France, Italy, Norway and Greece.
SLEEPY HOLLOW, have undoubtedly made its mark on the world of Heavy Metal. This classic band is enjoying renewed popularity in the new millennium. Through the years and in its most simplistic way the band became obscure, then obscurity became curiosity, then curiosity turned into demand. Now, they are a legend that was created by you, the fans!
So now we fast forward to the year 2011 After an absence of more than twenty years, the US traditional Heavy Metal band has reunited with its original line-up; Bob Mitchell (vocals), Steve Stegg (guitars), Steve Brink (bass guitars) and Tommy Wassman (drums).
Musically, the band picked up where it left off as they have written new material and polished up some unfinished songs for their comeback album "SKULL THIRTEEN". The recording sessions began on January 30th, 2011. The sessions wrapped up on April 27th.
During the making of “SKULL THIRTEEN”, it was discovered that original bassist Steve Brink would not be able to commit to the band in any capacity. However, Brink did contribute the artwork for the bands return album. While the mixing and mastering stages were in full swing, the band released its first video, “MIDNIGHT” on July 28th.
On August 3rd, it was announced that Symphony X bassist Mike LePond has joined the band as its new "live" bass player. A move that will help usher the band to the next level.
Along with the vinyl release (on HIGH ROLLER RECORDS), SLEEPY HOLLOW have signed an exclusive world-wide six year, three album deal with European label PURE STEEL RECORDS which released "SKULL THIRTEEN" on March of 2012. Andreas Lorenz, the general manager of Pure Steel Records stated; “SLEEPY HOLLOW are for all U.S. Metal fans a real legend. It´s a great honor for us to have this band on our label. We know that the band will create a metal monster like the self-titled debut album”.
The band returned to the stage on Saturday November 5th and performed their first show in over twenty years at the METAL’CUSE Festival in Syracuse, New York. This show was followed by a co-headlining appearance at Reggies in Chicago, IL with Canadian Metal legends EXCITER along with former MANOWAR guitarist David Shenkel.
The band has recently opened for: Michael Schenker .Metal Church, Raven. etc. They performed at Ragnarökkr Metal Apocalypse in Chicago with Oz, Omen etc. in 2013. 2014 has brought the bands largest appearance yet: ROCKLAHOMA which brought the band national acclaim and a new legion of fans and friends. In September of 2014 the band parted ways with vocalist Bob Mitchel due to unresolved differences.
The new lineup is:
Steve Stegg Guitar
Chapel Stormcrow Vocals
Rich Fuester Bass
Allan Smith Drums
This lineup has breathed a new life into the band and created a much darker heavier monster all the while maintaining their classic unique sound. On October 31, 2014 the band released their new single "Bound By Blood" Response has been incredible! The band is currently at work on their new album with a tentative release set for Summer 2015 on Pure Steel Records. Live dates Begin in March! This is a new chapter in the book of Sleepy Hollow. We welcome you all!
Sleepy Hollow "Bound By Blood" - official video (PURE STEEL RECORDS)

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