Monday, December 14, 2015

NEWS: Odium

NEWS: Odium
release: 23 October 2015
Here’s a band for the modern metal crowds into Soilwork and similar sounds. It should be pointed out that this is a full-length 48-minute professional work. The band has worked hard to make a quality recording and it shows. Below you can learn more about the band and hear the complete album:
ODIUM has been operating out of Hanover, Ontario producing dark, yet melodic metal layered with fast-paced gruff bellows, resonating vocals, and pounding instrumentals for nearly a decade. After releasing an EP and two full-length records, the band has been gearing for their third album ‘Terraform’ due out on October 23, 2015.
Their goal is to write heavy and melodic music, while constantly developing their style from album to album. The instrumentals lend their tone and energy to invite more versatility in the vocals in each song. Their passion for performing live and incredible stage energy has allowed them to open for Alexisonfire, The Agonist, Beneath the Massacre, Divinity, Moneen, and Fuck the Facts.
The lyrics invite listeners to take a journey through despair, while the bass and drums drive the rhythm, the guitars straddle the line between pure aggression and melodic riffs. For ODIUM there has always been a pattern of evolution over the past few years that allows them to continuously create multi-genre influenced music. The band is comprised of Joe Mullen, Jake Fortney, Andrew Fullerton, Bo Louther, Marc Dobson, who have come from various bands such as Archaea/Willfall.
The bands name is defined as ‘disgraceful hate’ however after the past 10 years they have come to see the band name relating directly to perseverance. ODIUM has a foundation of trust which creates a bond likened to that of a brotherhood. The dedication and teamwork within the band is based on respect, and because the internal bond is so strong they are able to create a meaningful connection with fans.

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