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NEWS: Nahum

And the Chaos Has Begun
release date: November 1st, 2015
This is a death/thrash band from the Czech Republic. They recently contacted Metal Bulletin Zine. It turns out that they have a brand new album that showcases their serious approach to their music. Below you can read the history of the band and you can hear the album at the link below, too.
Nahum formation of the band dates back to the beginning of 2004, when Tomash and Pavel already rehearsing the first song "Screaming Worldwide". There has been playing drums Pavel. The founding pair joined Stiv (bass), who with Tom played in the band Dread. This trio during the year also added Roman (guitar), who initially only hosts as they fully engaged in their power metal band Ignis Fatuus. This loan, however, later grows into full membership and long-term cooperation.
Two guitars offers better possibilities of arranging so rehearsed more songs. In this period there is also the original name of the band unhuman. Time when the band only tested material finally breaks the arrival of more experienced drummer Jonathan, with the talent then the band just enough for a couple of tests to complete a successful premiere before an audience in Ostrava at the end of 2004. Paul and procured lead vocal and went to the frontman position.
Titled unhuman band undergoes a few gigs. In the course of 2005, but the band is confronted with existing Canadian band of the same name. Therefore, in the same year, the band decided to change the name. Nahum is the result of efforts to find a simple one-word catchy phrase, sound related to the original name. This is the name of the prophet, which translates to "please revenge", abbreviated as "satisfaction" and "satisfaction" ...
Nahum take place a series of concerts in clubs and festivals in the report: Paul (vocals), Tomash (guitar), Roman (guitar), Stiv (bass) and Jonathan (drums). The band in this period has not released any CDs. Still there is a band for his own use or for presentation of music clubs, something like a demo called "unhuman". It contains seven songs.
In 2006, the band suspended its activities because of the departure of Paul and Roman abroad. Also Jonathan and Stiv left the band because she can no longer devote the fullest.
After returning Paul Romano from abroad in 2009, the band resumed activity. Paul, a Roman Tomash looking for a new assembly and test. The band soon adds Hanis (bass) and begins to try again. During 2010 the band rotates two drummers. In late but finally post percussion occupy Michal.
In 2010 Nahum stabilize the report Pavel Balcar (vocals), Tomash (guitar), Sevcik Roman (guitar), Hanis Balcar (bass) and Michal Blaha (drums).
In early 2011, the band begins to perform new material at concerts. The band is also preparing to record a CD, which will contain new material.
At the turn of 2011 and 2012, Nahum recorded his first album named "The Gates Are Open". At his own expense band is released March 13, 2012, three hundred CD pressings. In late December 2012, it also published the official video for the song "The Vision Of Apocalypse".
During the whole of 2013 the band actively touring in support of their debut album. Among other things, organizes tour called "Four Horsemen". At concerts and festivals performs poboku big names both domestic and foreign scenes. In August, based on the song "Worldwide Screaming" on a metal compilation "Musick Attak ', a magazine published by Talon.
In 2014, the band is preparing a new album, the successor of the successful debut. In early 2015, the band in the studio uploaded Barn demo recording new material. Also during the spring summer 2015 occurs with Nahum personnel changes. Guitarist Roman is replaced by Michal drop. Also on drums there is a change, Michael replaces Tom Revenge of the Brighter Division.
In the autumn of 2015, inflated returns in the new report back to the studio, tentokát to GM studies in Jablunkov. 1 November 2015 based second studio album "And The Chaos Has Begun" in an edition of 1,000 pieces. The publisher became Attack Musick production. At the same time, the album is supported by a new clip to the pilot song album "Raging Chaos".
The whole musical production bands Nahum mingle especially death, thrash, with occasional elements of black metal.

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