Monday, December 14, 2015

NEWS: Mindless Sinner

Mindless Sinner
The New Messiah
release: 16th October 2015
Pure Steel Records
How many 80s bands from Sweden have been forgotten? Who knows, but Mindless Sinner can be added to that list. Now it’s time to revise the list again because the band has returned with a new album. Apparently, they took a short break of 29 years. This album is definitely for those into the old heavy metal ways!
Check out this information about them:
Beside acts like Heavy Load and Gotham City also MINDLESS SINNER from Linköping belong to the legendary godfathers of the Swedish 80s-Heavy Metal scene. Misunderstood in the mainstream, loved in the underground: With the EP „Master Of Evil“ (1983) and the full length „Turn On The Power“ (1986, „We Go Together“) the quartet have released only two outputs back in the days.
Finally, after 29 years of silence the brand new act „The New Messiah“ will be released through Pure Steel – recorded almost in original line up. Driven by catchy, melodic Heavy Metal, with his unique, clear power voice Christer Göransson still hits every note on all ten new tracks. Provided with powerful drumming, the guitar duo Danneblad/Edman conquer the hearts of all „Swedish Steel“ enthusiasts with poignant leads. A song like „Follow Your Path“ is fully studded with hints to the ancient „Turn On...“ –era.
Everyone, who love to go to festivals like Live Evil and Muskelrock, need to get this reunion album!
Mindless Sinner - The New Messiah
It’s 2015 and there’s a new Mindless Sinner album coming out. Well, who would have thought that way back in 1990 when we laid the band to rest. Anyways here it is 10 new blistering tracks! We have tried to make it sound like it would have done back in the day but of course with a new touch. So if you like our previous work you’re gonna love this! The New Messiah is here!!! Mindless Sinner

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