Tuesday, December 15, 2015

NEWS: Mastication of Brutality Uncontrolled

NEWS: Mastication of Brutality Uncontrolled (Germany)
Preemptive Space Warfare
release: October 31st, 2015
Rotten Roll Rex
Here we go. This is it: the pig squeal death metal brutality. There's nothing quite like it until you hear it. This is most definitely wild barnyard farm death metal of the animal kingdom. Listen to the album at the link below and study the technique of the pig squeal.
Released this Halloween, Mastication Of Brutality Uncontrolled "Preemptive Space Warfare" contains 10 tracks of Brutal German/Swiss Death Metal, that burrow into your memory, ensuring that they vomit over most of the current competition from a great height. With all the polish and studio gimmickry of many of today's extreme metal projects, one forgets what real metal is supposed to sound like: angry, raw, and ripping. "Preemptive Space Warfare" is all of those things and assaults the listener with tracks filled with shrieks of pain, technical Guitar riffage, and blasting double bass, that send chills down ones spine. A flesh ripping Brutal Death Metal Slam Alien Apocalypse attack!

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