Tuesday, December 15, 2015

NEWS: Marasmus

Conjuring Enormity
release: 2 October 2015
The band found the one thing that they do the best: tech-death barrage and more of it. Chaotic and precise at the same time, the tech-death fanatic will welcome this Kansas City bunch. Listen to the album and find out just how ugly things can get and fast. No pain no gain. See below for more information:
Kansas City war machine Marasmus has thrown down the gauntlet with their newest release, Conjuring Enormity.
One of 2015's most violent releases, the follow up to 2012's Mountains of Dead is the product of a band who has mastered the art of domination. Devastating brutality delivered with unmatched technical precision, Conjuring Enormity is set to usher in a new era of USDM.
Meaning complete and utter starvation or the worst way to die, Marasmus have made a name for themselves as being one of the most punishing underground metal acts in the Midwest. They have carved their own style out of an over saturated genre and have changed people's perception of what they call Death Metal; leaving crowds in disbelief at what they just witnessed. The current lineup is Kansas City's own local’s Gore Growler Devon Ferrara on vocals and audio mastermind Andy Nagorski on Guitar. With Missouri's own Trynt “machine gun” Kelly on Drums and massive sound of Brandon Culligan on the other Guitar. Marasmus has been perfecting their craft for years and making an impression on just about anybody that crosses their path. The future will only tell what is possible but let it be known that if you are lucky enough to catch a live set by these four sick motherfuckers. Your ear drums and irrelevant life will be destroyed into the hereafter! Expect to see Marasmus at metal fests and maybe at the next ceremony of dark arts near you.

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