Monday, December 14, 2015

NEWS: Kult Mogił

Kult Mogił
Anxiety Never Descending
Pagan Records
Release: 24 December 2015
Those that enjoy exploring bands that are more difficult will be interested in this one from Poland. The music is a bit of mix of doom and death metal. This albu will be available soon, but you can hear a bit of it at the link below:
Kult Mogił were established in October 2014 in Tarnów, Poland. In April 2015 they released Demo 2015, which was recently put out on tape with the title K+M+B via Gravplass Propaganda. Their upcoming full-length, Anxiety Never Descending, features six brand new tracks and sees the mysterious trio create an atmosphere of a reeking graveyard, a soundtrack to your damnation and slow death.
“Anxiety”, “death”, “grave” and “damnation” are not just words to describe their music in a cool metal way. These terms are truly reflected in the band’s music. The title track’s chaotic drum work resembles an anxiety attack, the experimentation with feedback and slow drum beats on “The Width of a Forehead” paint morbid pictures while the soothing guitar melody and riffs on “Palliative Messiah” could be the soundtrack to your descent to the grave.
Anxiety Never Descending is not for the faint-hearted. “This record will not make dying any easier for you”, the band commented.
Regarding the band’s name, the members explain that Kult Mogił does not translate to “sepulchral cult”. Instead, “cult of graves” is more fitting and understood as a “burial place with or without tombstones” as opposed to “the cult of dead ancestors”.

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