Sunday, December 20, 2015


IT (Russia)
release: November 23rd, 2015
Very surprising news from this black metal band from Russia: this is a free recording. They explain that for this recording:
In this work, we have research the primordial roots of Islam, to wit:
- Origins of the worship of the moon god - Hubal;
- The impact of efreet, gin (spirits) on human in the physical and spiritual planes;
- A symbiosis of male and female beginning in the lunar cult;
- Historical roots and the confrontation of Babylon, Jerusalem and Arabia;
- Black stone. The ritual of kissing the black stone;
- Сircling of the Kaaba (Tawaf). The ritual of going against the course of the sun;
- Sheela Na Gig, as part of primary magic.
The recording is:
1.The Hajj 5 02:10
2.Seven Ways - Seven Suns 04:49
3.Caste 04:20
4.Great Day of Ashura 04:56
5.A Light 04:35
total time 20:50
This recording is recommended for black metal supporters looking for bands pushing themselves to tackle something a bit different. By the way, just in case people are wondering, the band felt it necessary to declare: “We do not support terrorism, extremism, fascism, ISIS, Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations.”
Also, from 2003 to 2013 this band was called Inferius Torment and changed the name because it seems that there are other bands with the same name. For your information, these are the previous recordings as Inferius Torment:
Prey from Burning Church EP 2003
War Against Christianity Demo 2005
Your God Liar Full-length 2010
...on Eyes of the Dying God Video 2010
Ceremony of Godslaying Full-length 2012

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