Thursday, December 10, 2015

NEWS: Heathen Beast

Heathen Beast
release date: July 10th, 2015
Transcending Obscurity India
According to Metal Archives, this political/atheistic extreme metal band from India started in 2010. They have three EPs and now all three recordings are collected for this compilation, from "Ayodhya Burns" to "The Drowning of the Elephant God" and to "The Carnage of Godhra." Besides their political stance, the band is becoming more adept at utilizing traditional Indian musical elements, a characteristic that is more pronounced as the compilation moves towards the more recent material. The band says that they will not reveal their identities because it is not yet the appropriate time. Below you will find information about the band and the link.
The label says:
“People often ask me "Why does metal music from India not sound Indian?" Perhaps the bands here are afraid. They want to stick to the tried and tested method, sensitive as they are to criticism. Heathen Beast, ladies and gents, is of a different ilk. This one not only sounds Indian, but heck, these guys are scathing in their anti-religious and anti-fascist stance pertaning to the actual events transpired in the country. So much so, that the identities of the band members are hidden, otherwise their very lives could be at risk given their highly controversial and bold themes.”
The band says about itself:
“Heathen Beast believes in no god and no religion. We write about the world and it's religion as we see it, we write about how it encompass and controls the masses in our country India. Our music symbolizes self belief and the fact that we choose our own path and make our own destiny. There is no God that writes your life and not everything that is bad in this world is a consequence of that karma. You are responsible. Heathen Beast plays a form of brutal metal to connect with those who think like we do. The Heathen Beast Shall Be Unleashed Upon Thee.
Heathen Beast is the formation of three.
Carvaka who believes religion was invented and made up by men, having no divine authority.
Samkhya who denies the existence of God.
Mimamsa who rejects the notion of God and says that human action itself is enough to create the necessary circumstances for the enjoyment of its fruits.”
The label says about the recordings:
“'Trident' is the ultimate release by Heathen Beast. Each three-song set has a bold and unique subject, unfailingly controversial. From the riotous incident revolving around the city of Ayodhya in 'Ayodhya Burns' in which thousands were slaughtered, to the controversial defiance against the practice of the immersion of Lord Ganesha idols in 'The Drowning of the Elephant God' and lastly the ghastly communal Hindu vs. Muslim riots in the latest 'Carnage of Godhra' in which literally a train full of people was torched and there was blatant butchery killing thousands again, these are the ugly and shocking issues in India that only one band has dared to speak out against. The hidden identities of the members is a must, since the government in power here is becoming increasingly intolerant of any rebellious acts. Upon the band's insistence, the songs are presented in chronological order so that the listener can understand the band's progression and evolution in sound. More and more Indian instruments are employed especially on the latest EP titled 'The Carnage of Godhra', fused with black metal in a more significant way than ever before in metal history perhaps. This is black metal with real good intent, boldness and passion for music over anything else.”

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