Monday, December 14, 2015

NEWS: Grey Heaven Fall

Grey Heaven Fall (Russia)
Black Wisdom
release: October 30th, 2015
Aesthetics of Devastation
This album is for the public into elite black metal, akin to Deathspell Omega. It is both dissonant black metal as well as hypnotic black metal and the album requires patience in order for the fog to clear a bit so that the picture can emerge. Once it does, though, the quality and dedication is beyond question. No casual listeners wanted here.
Aesthetics of Devastation manifesto:
"Attention! October, 30, 2015. Today the second full-length album called “Black Wisdom” by Grey Heaven Fall is released. We realize that not everyone will be capable of comprehending this record in full, because the words, that God said, aren’t food for those whose hearts are fading away. “Aesthetics” insists on being responsible for careful listening to the album as the Art demands. Savour these sounds as if you sip an old wine. Don’t be in a hurry while detecting inflections. Think over and seek. Seek after something that is covered with great and eternal Being mourning. Before trying to find God in Beauty, look for Him in the deepest abomination."
Aesthetics of Devastation is a community, that publishes and distributes all kinds of High Art with extraordinary unique devastating features. Our intentions go far beyond the name of "publishing label" and are sacred for us and people we support. It means that all musicians, artists, directors and other authors, whose works are represented here, carry the genuine and high Idea…
'Black Wisdom' track list:
1.The Lord is Blissful in Grief
2.Spirit of Oppression
3.To the Doomed Sons of Earth
4.Sanctuary of Cut Tongues
5.Tranquility of the Possessed
6.That Nail in a Heart

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