Sunday, December 20, 2015

NEWS: Crimson Day

Crimson Day
Order Of The Shadows
release: 16th October 2015
Iron Shield Records
Those looking for traditional heavy metal from new bands will be glad to hear this one from Finland. Unfortunately, not much information is available to pass on to you, but the music shows that they are on the right track and have good objectives. Below is the little bit of information at this point:
Crimson Day is a five piece heavy metal band from Tampere, Finland. First release was the CRIMSON DAY EP in 2013. The sound? “High and loud” style singing of vocalist Valtteri Heiskanen, pounding riffs and shredding solos of guitarists Ari Balzar and Jesse Liukkonen and a tight rhythm section of bassist Jesse Kämäräinen and drummer Tuomas Lesonen combine a formula of honest and “balls to the wall” Heavy Metal.

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