Thursday, December 10, 2015

free metal music: Man Made Predator

Man Made Predator (Germany)
Of Decay and Collapse
release date: November 20th, 2015
This is a free recording of energetic melodic death metal from Germany. I think that supporters of this particular genre would be interested, especially if they are interested in hearing new bands do their take on the style. Below is more information about the band.
"It's spring in 2012. A few enthusiastic metalheads meet and have Bock, hard music to make. Each of the five musicians from Dortmund and the surrounding area has already gained experience in other band projects and look for the band, in a common musical goal and the ambition to go with each song to the limit of technical possibilities unite. When the cast is finally complete, make Man Made Predator their Bandgruendung officially.
Since then the band forges eagerly riffs, beats brutal Blasts from the drums and singer Thomas shouts and growls, the soul from the body. The songwriting is based on more modern melodic death metal, but remains keen to experiment and use any creative inspiration. With a line-up change on guitar in summer 2014 and the introduction of Tobi on the guitar MMP are finally ready for their first EP recordings. In its relatively short existence still recorded MMP already numerous stages in and around the Ruhr. After intensive songwriting and Recordings Man Made Predator wait stretched on 20 November, when they will release their first EP "Of Decay and Collapse" in the world. Brace yourself!"
1.Dusk 03:18
2.Progress 03:03
3.A Vision 03:54
4.Walking Corpse 03:13
5.Preying on the Meek 03:48
6.The Spectre 02:54
total time 20:10

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