Friday, December 11, 2015

free black thrash: Hoboknife

release: November 5th, 2015
This is a free recording of black thrash from Richmond, Virginia, USA. Armed with a lovely name, these upstanding citizens bring out the very best of society to you. Or not. Well, just take a look at the title of the second song. Pure sewer poetry in motion, I tell you. They say that they like drinking, too. Oh, c'mon, guys, don't tell us, show us! Where are the pictures of the band passed out under the bridge where you play your shows? Where are the pictures of your funeral? They also write songs about genocide. They don't tell you if they are for genocide, against genocide or whether they are on the fence about such questions. It's difficult to tell with these kids nowadays. Anyway, dear reader, you like thrash, you like dirty thrash, and you want your metal to sound raw and speedy.
1.The Bleakest Reprimand 03:06
2.Cock of Evil 04:41
3.Genocide 03:27
4.Maximum Hell 02:52
5.Derelict Dirge 04:36
6.Lusting of Vengeance 04:04
7.Nightsoil 03:41
8.Hoboknife 06:40
total time 33:07

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