Friday, December 11, 2015

free black metal: Psionic Plasma

Psionic Plasma
Kaos Typhonian Dimensions
release date: November 6th, 2015
This is a free recording of fast, minimalist black metal from Spain. The band gives you control: it is not too loud; you have to turn up the volume. Once you do, you can hear the antimodern recording very well. The songs are easy to get into because the guitar has fast tremolo melodies. They say that they recorded this during the winter of 2015. The band personnel is:
Abhorym kv55: vocal, lyrics (Beltain, Heilnoz, PankuroniuM)
Apofis kv62: drums (Abÿfs)
Kadgar gv269: guitars, bass (Aanomm, Abÿfs, Gravislatro, Icepressive, TrollfasthearT, PankuroniuM)
1.Narkotic Angels of Concupiscence 04:13
2.Phosphorus 05:24
3.Stellar Inquisitors 04:06
4.Parasites of Kosmos 06:25
5.Reptilian Black Metal 05:52
total time 26:00

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