Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Darlament Norvadian

Darlament Norvadian is necro-depressive black metal from El Salvador. They have a brand new EP called "Days of Suicide." The recording continues the aesthetics of the type of black metal fueled by a profound hatred towards everything, expressed through the cavernous sounds made by/for the diehards and for nobody else. According to Metal Archives, the following is the discography, which as you can see, speaks for itself.
Throne of the Darkness Souls Demo 2007
Live in Black Metal Inside 2009 Live album 2009
Pagan Lament in the Forgotten Land Demo 2009
Servants of Satan's Will Split 2011
From My Northern Darkness EP 2011
Silent from the Immortal Forest Full-length 2012
Martyr in My Dreams EP 2013
Joining the Troops of Black Art Split 2014
Evenings Demo 2014
Dias grises de soledad & depresion Split 2014
Mystic Empire of Winterforest Split 2014
Days of Suicide EP 2015

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