Tuesday, December 29, 2015

BURNING POINT - Queen Of Fire (2015) // official clip

Finnish power metallers BURNING POINT are an active part of the European Metal scene since the late 90’s. Led by mastermind Pete Ahonen, the band has released five studio albums since then, all to critical acclaim. In 2014, Ahonen (who was responsible for vocals and guitars) asked former Battle Beast singer Nitte Valo to join the band as new vocalist. As Nitte loved Burning Point’s music ever since, she agreed and is now a steady member of the band. Now the first album with Nitte has been recorded: simply titled “Burning Point”, the CD includes five brand new songs and six BURNING POINT classics in re-recorded versions. It’s inevitable to realize that Nitte’s presence and unmistakable voice adds the special something to the already established band. BURNING POINT are now bursting of power and motivation. Ahonen has composed some of his best tracks yet and the re-recordings make the classics shine like never before. Also, sonically “Burning Point” is the best sounding album the band has released so far. And seeing this promising new constellation, it is just the beginning with much more to come…
In addition AFM will re-issue the first four BURNING POINT albums „Salvation By Fire“ (2001), „Feeding The Flames“ (2013), „Burned Down The Enemy“ (2007) and „Empyre“ (2009), all scheduled for a July 17th release and about to include numerous bonus tracks.
BURNING POINT - Queen Of Fire (2015) // official clip

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