Sunday, December 20, 2015


Pulverised Records
Release: 13 November 2015
Dissonant extreme metal like Awe will appeal to the audiences that have a passion for the uncomfortable guitar sound of a band like Deathspell Omega. This music often goes at blasting speeds and it is headbanging metal. There are no long stretches of “ambient” or “drone” or “sludge” sounds, although there are moments of slow, dry, unmelodic guitar. However, the thing is that the recording is as follows:
1.Actus Primus 20:00
2.Actus Secundus 16:34
3.Actus Purus 14:55
total time 51:29
You can see that they seek to discourage the casual listeners, including the extreme metal variety, from entering this door. If a person wants short and simple songs, with a chorus, then this is not it. The guitar work can sometimes come across as math guitar work, in the context of blasting black metal drumming and growled vocals. In that sense, it may appear largely unrecognizable as metal: it may not always sound descended from the obvious heavy/power/thrash/death/black family tree of guitar work. In addition, the effort to maintain the band members’ identities secret does not sit well with everybody, either, but apparently that’s the situation. At any rate, whether a band succeeds in its quest for greatness will always be up to debate by virtue of judgments, but the more important question may not be that at all. Perhaps it is the quest itself. The idea here could be extreme metal that stands apart from the low IQ, low intelligence bands and their crowds: a vehement animosity towards 99.99% of metal bands and “fans.”
For instance, here are some excerpts from the lyrics of the first track:
Woe to you, strayed sheep! Still directionless in spite of your consummations. For it is not the ultimate void which is the most monstrous of destinies, but a small light… That is yourself, surrounded by a universe of darkest malice, By shadows, shadows of ignorance, the so called eventuality, The fear of transfiguration, a nescient creature tearing its own flesh.
What is the true essence of human desire, but a hopeless conflict with the inescapable? A consciousness that has so gracefully elevated from dust to spirit, should accept no reconciliation, But voraciously consume what only deserves to be experienced, not fathomed or figured.
In my opinion, metal people that would like to hear a further exploration of abstruse extreme metal/black metal art will be the most fit to understand this band from Greece and its Deathspell Omega-inspired work.

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