Wednesday, December 9, 2015

As Darkness Dies

As Darkness Dies
As Darkness Dies
release: October 30, 2015
Pure Steel Records
This is a traditional-melodic metal band from the U.S. This work is their debut. Metal Archives shows that they have been active since 2011, and it looks like everyone except the drummer is in another band from Connecticut called Graven Image (on YouTube it says that this band is "ex-Graven Image," actually). Stylistically, the music is modern melodic heavy metal. The band has many strengths that they show on this 60-minute, 12-song album. As a traditional band, one question that they answer quickly is that, yes, they do have a good singer. That makes a huge difference. The singing is a full voice that sounds good, friendly, comfortable to the ear, which encourages the listener to check out the complete album.
After listening to the full album, it becomes clearer that the band works with a wide range, from songs that are more headbanging metal to ones that show some classic rock sounds and some mellower moments (power ballad) that contrast well with the higher energy sounds.
In terms of melodic metal, this is the album that has gotten the most rotation this week here because, like previously mentioned, there lots of positive aspects that I think the traditional metal supporter would enjoy. Overall the recording is good quality, no problems there at all. I would prefer a more natural drum sound for this band, as the drums sound a bit too soft or flat or clicky, in my opinion. However, remember that if you want melodic metal, this album is definitely a keeper. It certainly is for me, and you should hear this music for yourself, above all.
As Darkness Dies "Black Death" (PURE STEEL RECORDS)
As Darkness Dies - "Life Incomplete"

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