Thursday, November 19, 2015

Teloch Vovin

Teloch Vovin
Further Down The Tunnel
release: 23 September 2015
The New Yorkers have returned for another installment of their ritualistic occultist extreme metal and this time they are calling it “Further Down the Tunnel,” and right they are. They could have called it “Further Down the Tunnel of Ritualistic Chaos,” too. The recording is firmly in the realm of primal black metal, driven by monstrous, harsh vocals and pounding and blasting drumming. The music may at first sound like cavernous black metal, but if you listen a bit more you will find the rituals and ceremonies contained within. The band is not experimental per se, although they have their moments of atmosphere and moments of contemplation or serenity, including some sounds of various instruments, like electronics and chimes and maybe other elements that only they know what they are.
I do not know about who the people in this band are. However, it seems like they want their music to be a lot more serious than just a bunch of “dudes jamming some tunes.” Some may call this band elitist or something like that, but the band definitely wants a certain audience that understands their music as something more than a little hobby. This is their fourth recording since 2011, at least, so the band has been relatively active, including playing some shows in their area.
For the band, black metal is something more serious than just music. What is black metal for you?

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