Thursday, November 5, 2015

TAOS (The Arrival Of Satan)

TAOS (The Arrival Of Satan)
Passion Sodomy Terror
Osmose Productions
release: 27 November 2015
These people are just not right in the head. Something went wrong, really wrong in their life and they took a wrong turn, met the wrong people, went to the wrong places and they never came back. They have stayed in that headspace of postmodern black metal of nihilism and worthlessness. Technology and negativity, fury and ineptitude, self-hatred and the loathing of all, black metal and chaos, the necro and the cave. These French people are out of their minds. You might wonder why the French black metal bands are such lunatics. Black metal is disgusting because the world is disgusting and that’s the way TAOS sees the world. Nothing makes sense to them and they don’t even bother. It’s black metal, it’s sick and neurotic. Be grateful for TAOS. Expect ugliness and the lunatic fringe of black metal. I don’t have a link to the new music yet, but go here and begin the process of losing your mind. booking:

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