Saturday, November 21, 2015


Greyhaze Records
release: 11 December 2015
This compilation of old demos and rehearsals is for the total collector that wants to have everything that the band ever recorded. This collection goes a long way towards accomplishing the objective of making you an expert.
Of course, the band is legendary in the realm of black metal, death metal, war metal and bestial metal in general. The album, which Cogumelo Records (Brazil) and Greyhaze Records (USA) are releasing, includes 20 songs from the demos “Satanic Lust,” “Christ’s Death,” and other demos that the band recorded before doing the official albums. This title comes with photos from all stages of the band’s career and notes by former vocalist/guitarist Wagner Antichrist.
Sarcófago is held in high regard for many reasons, especially the legacy of their early years. The corpse paint, the bullet belts and the blasphemy, and the raw intensity of the music, connected with a small number of youth around the world, youth that would eventually pick up their instruments and take up the flag of black metal.
These demo recordings are recommended for the total Sarcófago fanatic that would love to hear earlier versions of the official album songs.

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