Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Police State

Police State
Mind Collapse
Grimoire Records
November 06 2015
Police State is a grind band from York, Pennsylvania, USA. The band is Paul (guitar), Kasey (bass, vocals), Tyler (drums), and Cole (vocals). The recording is about 19 minutes of an angry critique of the U.S. government, with all the barrage of noise that the angry-anticapitalist-hobo-hippy-squatter punks from hell can squeeze into their music. They rant and rave and blast like it is your obligation to mosh or move or do something, don't just stand there. Or, maybe you can go join a protest or form a protest or something, don't just sit there. This is grind, it's obnoxious, it's not fancy, it's rather ugly because, well, capitalism is so ugly that this is the art that it produces.
"Mind Collapse" by Police State
release date: November 6th, 2015
1.Intro 00:59
2.Consumed 00:46
3.Oath 00:55
4.Karma 01:10
5.Pure Filth 01:57
6.Blinding 01:02
7.Propaganda 01:26
8.Cease to Exist 02:54
9.Resolution 03:01
10.Shallow Grave 05:00
total time 19:10

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