Thursday, November 5, 2015

news & updates: Un (Seattle doom)

The Tomb of All Things
Black Bow Records
Release: 4 December 2015
This death doom band is from the state of Washington and they have their album scheduled for December 4th, just in time to prevent you from getting too happy during the holidays. Expect slow-motion growled doom. The band is rather uncompromising in its approach to the funeral doom, and that means that there is virtually nothing that a doom fanatic will not like here. They have the slow melodies, which they make sure that do not sound too joyful because melancholy is the mode of operation. The album sounds fully professional, and that means that it’s not garage/stoner nor basement drone, either, in case that matters to you. Also, you might be interested to know that vocals and guitars are done by Monte “MacDaddy” McCleery from Samothrace. As of today, November 5th, I don’t have a link to the new music for you, but below you can hear some of the older recordings in order to get an idea about the band. Welcome, hopelessness.

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