Sunday, November 1, 2015

news & updates: EXTREME NOISE TERROR

Extreme Noise Terror
release: 5 November 2015
The grind/crust band has a storied biography worthy of a documentary and they seem to be regarded as one of the more honest bands, in terms of music and politics. The band is generally known for one of the most genuinely obnoxious sounds characterized by two screamers Dean Jones ad Phil Vane (1967-2011). Dean Jones and company are still at it, with former Gorerotted and The Rotted vocalist Ben McCrow joining for the double screaming. The band has gone through some serious changes in styles and personnel throughout its time. For instance, the album “Being and Nothing”(2001) found the band going in a full blasting death metal direction. The new album sees the group stick to the early sound of crust/grind/punk. The band claims that the recording is pretty honest. For instance, consider what vocalist Ben McCrow says about this new album: “I was a big fan of EXTREME NOISE TERROR as a teen, long before I joined, specifically of A Holocaust In Your Head and Phonophobia. If I was going to compare this new album to anything the band’s done before I’d say it sits nicely with those two.” In terms of an honest recording, McCrow explains: “ … the drums, bass and guitars were done live with the leads added after and me and Dean sharing a mic going through a seventy-six-year-old analogue valve amp.” In other words, the music is meant to sound like the band is live, and it’s not overly computerized and processed. Basically, the band is aiming for the classic sound for which people know them. They achieve their objective very successfully on this new one.

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