Saturday, November 7, 2015


Necrocosm (USA)
Damnation Doctrine
release: 4 September 2015
Can you ever mix brutal death metal with melody in the right way? Lots of “melodic death metal” gets criticized for sounding like metalcore or emocore or hipstercore or for being, you know, not metal. A lot of “melodic death metal” just sounds weak, especially to the underground extreme metal people, in particular to those are cranky and angry and jaded. (By the way, I’m not talking about me.)
I want to propose an exception to you. This band sounds like real metal to me, but it’s just that the guitar playing shows an ability to bring some melody. The band, overall, sounds like headbanging, intense metal. The vocals are gruff and stay on the side of brutality. The vocals do not like hardcore at all, to me. The only thing I would tell you is this: If you really do not like guitar players that know how to play their instruments, then definitely stay away because the guitar playing is not two-chord chugga-chugga stuff. I have been listening to the album and I think that if you like old “melodic death metal,” before the Americans defecated on it with their metalcore and kidnapped it and hijacked it, then this band will be interesting to you.
Don’t take my word for it. What I do know? Just go listen for yourself!

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