Thursday, November 19, 2015


Brutal Aggre666ion
release date: June 10, 2015
Xtreem Music
Many years have passed since this death metal band began in Colombia, but the thinking has not changed, only gotten more stubborn: blasting extreme metal, the type that the people into Cannibal Corpse, Krisiun and Hate Eternal will quickly embrace as metal brothers. Just look at the title of the album, and that says it all: pedal to the metal blasting energy.
The band has been doing this for a long time, and they have lots of experience. First of all, even though this is clearly blasting death metal, there is an obvious level of quality that you can hear immediately. Second, the band has spent lots of time working hard on the guitar solos and it shows. Within the extreme metal barrage, there is an elegance in the soloing that will surprise. Third, if you like death metal that is reliable, that you can trust, this band thinks exactly like you. They are the personification of death metal. Fourth, this is recommended for death metal freaks into Deicide, Monstrosity, Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation, Sinister, Drawn and Quartered and other such bands that people recognize as unbending in their death metal will.
It’s possible that many U.S. supporters of the genre have not heard of this band. Therefore, to introduce you to them, here are excerpts from the history of the band.
“MASACRE begins its musical career with a demo tape in 1989 entitled "Colombia... Imperio del Terror", next year comes a second demo tape named "Cáncer de Nuestros Días". These two demos show what is going to come from this colombian band, which would carry in the bloody hearts of the world of Death Metal.
In 1990 the band releases its first Mini LP named "Ola de Violencia", and with this one they fund their extreme sound and their compromise with the fans desiring dark terror. The french label Osmose Productions, released the first CD of the band entitled "Requiem" (1991), gaining MASACRE with this one a world wide recognition and placing the band as one of the best in Death Metal. After this CD the band toured in Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru. …
the band recorded in 1996 the CD "Sacro" produced by the label Lorito Records from Medellín. With this CD the band gains new blood, putting itself on a high place in the local and international scene. This CD was distributed by important labels in many places around the world. MASACRE toured a lot around the country and visited Venezuela two times in 3 cities there, playing with important bands. After that tour, the band traveled to Ecuador playing and showing its songs in Quito. …
In 2001, MASACRE signed with a new label from Colombia named Decade Records, which released the record entitled "Muerte Verdadera Muerte". This CD contains 10 brutal tracks including one version of our gods Kiss (Strutter). It is important to say that in this CD MASACRE shows its maximum development as an extreme, technical and brutal band within the Death Metal in the world.
In 2001 MASACRE begun the “Death Truly Tour” to support the CD “Muerte Verdadera Muerte” which became one of the best tours of the band because the fans really received and supported MASACRE and its CD. …
In 2003 MASACRE recorded the pre-production for the new CD “Total Death” with 9 tracks and the band is sure these tracks truly represent all the aggressiveness MASACRE wants to reflect. In 2004 "Total Death" is out. This CD was produced, mixed and masterized by Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal, Ex-Morbid Angel) at Mana Recording Studios in Tampa-Florida.”

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