Saturday, November 21, 2015

free metal music: Cryptic Excision (Washington state)

Cryptic Excision
release date: 2014
Metal Archives says that this is from Seattle, but there is little information about it. On Bandcamp, where you can get the recording for free, it says the following: "Recorded in an underground base somewhere in the Northwest by Phantom Practitioner in 2014. No drum machines. released June 22, 2014. Phantom Practitioner - All Instruments."
The recording is:
1.Deflated Pericardium
2.Terminal Necropsy
3.A Night Out (Of This World)
4.Stillborn (Not on Earth)
The music is brutal death metal with some space/alien sounds, but not too much. It's still very much raw death metal, with super low growling, and fast tempos.

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