Sunday, November 8, 2015

free black metal recording: Pluie

Pluie is a black metal band from Canada. They have a free recording. The music, while raw, has a certain melody that makes it more approachable than you would think. Overall, the recording is underground black metal. The vocals, however, are probably the most extreme element in the sense that they are very intense and harsh, and grating on the ears, more than the normal black metal vocals. In other words, they do not attempt to tone down the vocal agony by making the vocals sound closer to death metal or closer to something else. It's cave black metal vocals all the way.
The music goes fast most of the time, but here and there some slower moments are present. Anyway, the band's music is for the fanatic black metal listener that likes to hear about underground bands. Below is information about the recording and the discography. "d'Hochelaga" by Pluie
Release date: December 22nd, 2014
1.Ballade 05:07
2.Pourrir en paix 05:00
3.La dèche des ruelles 02:50
4.Champs de ciment 02:58
5.Les âmes du quartier 04:21
6.Sorcier des rats 05:47
total time 26:03
Démo​-​démo Demo 2013
La dèche des ruelles Single 2014
d'Hochelaga EP 2014

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