Saturday, November 14, 2015

free black metal: Isenblåst

Altars of Blood
release date: October 2015
This Michigan, U.S. black metal squad has announced that they will have a new recording in 2016. While they do that, the band has something else for you: the “Altars of Blood” demo that serves as a road sign for what’s to come in 2016. The demo is:
1.I; Lucifer 04:37
2.Altars of Blood 05:01
total time 09:38
The band has several recordings since their formation in 2009. The “Altars of Blood” demo is available for free at Bandcamp. The two songs give the impression of a band that wants to play traditional black metal, from the vocals and screams to the guitar work and to the drumming. I know that it is only two songs, but this demo sounds very promising and supporters of traditional black metal will find it to be a good addition to their library of demos. You like black metal. You like free. How about you like both of them at the same time?

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