Saturday, November 21, 2015


Beneath Abyss
Inverse Records
release: 16 February 2015
Melodic and operatic vocals, together with extreme metal vocals, work together in oppositional harmony. More than just a dichotomy, the band also works a wide variety of components towards a synthesis of modern melodic/extreme metal. The coexistence of different sides is kept together through the guitar sound of chugging and “melodic death metal,” enhanced with symphonic metal. Basically, modern metal converges into the sound of this Greek band. From the sounds of it, the band wants an album that competes with the best modern metal albums of today. They seem to have a bit of everything for the audiences into Nightwish, Epica, In Flames, Arch Enemy, Amorphis and other commercially successful bands that work with the melodic/extreme modern metal hybrid. The various elements found here are reconfigured in their peculiar way through operatic/extreme vocals on top of the chugging “melodic death metal” foundation, layered with symphonic sounds. If a band like Epica is commercially successful and accepted by the European crowds at Wacken and similar places, then it means that there is definitely room at the table for Caelestia. The question would then be: How is this band going to get in front of the audiences that like an Epica or an In Flames? This band, says Metal Archives, began in 2012, so this is very early in the game for them. Considering that matter, the album is a strong statement from them at this point in time.

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