Friday, October 9, 2015


Release: 22 September 2015
Have you ever heard fast, melodic black metal that also utilizes a violin? The violin is an integral part of the sound of the band, not a guest instrument. The album is the coming together of black metal and classical music for a journey of the imagination. It’s not nearly as strange as you may be thinking, and the overall sound gives the band a face of its own. Windfaerer (U.S.) is headbanging music, though, so don’t get the wrong impression. This is not some sort of experimental/weirdo band. Emperor used keyboards to enhance its black metal. Windfaerer uses the violin to enhance its black metal. What is great about the band is that the musicians believe in song-centered music, and that means that they know how to keep things on point. They seem to have a real good grasp of the idea of not making music for musicians, as if they said to themselves that at the end of the day Windfaerer is black metal and they are satisfied with that (the band calls itself “extreme metal”). This album goes a long way towards showing what the band can do. The music is fast, and the melodies and the violin give the songs the Windfaerer identity.
Highly recommended for people who like the idea of melodic black metal, but that perhaps don’t like the lower quality recordings associated with black metal. Listeners into fast “melodic death metal” should find the band interesting, too.
The band is:
Michael Gonçalves - vocals, guitars, bass
Benjamin Karas - electric & acoustic violins
JP Andrade - drums
Pete Lloyd - guitars
Michael Muñoz – bass
by MMB

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