Thursday, October 15, 2015

tomorrow: Friday in Everett: A Flourishing Scourge

Tye Jones: Vocals, Guitar
Josh Keifer: Drums
Kevin Carbrey: Bass
Andrew Dennis: Lead Guitar
A Flourishing Scourge is an all-original metal band formed in Seattle, Washington, by long-time friends Tye Jones (guitars/vox) and Josh Keifer (drums). As of 2015, Kevin Carbrey (bass) and Andrew Dennis (guitars) have rounded out the line-up.
Blending elements of traditional black, death, and progressive metal, A Flourishing Scourge represents a fresh approach to the incorporation of key elements of multiple sub-genres. The band is currently playing gigs in the Seattle area with a dynamic, multi-media live show that has been hailed as “a hypnotic journey into the mind and soul”.
The band is currently in the studio recording their initial EP, with a release date of September 4th, at Studio Seven in Seattle. For tickets or booking information, please contact
"As Beauty Fades Away" by A Flourishing Scourge
September 4th, 2015
1.Infected 08:25
2.In Continuum 07:38
3.Of the Tormented and Sick 05:07
4.As Beauty Fades Away 07:30
total time 28:40

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