Tuesday, October 27, 2015

to metalheads in the state of Washington

Metal Bulletin Zine is a metal music zine in the state of Washington. Do you know of any metal bands from the state of Washington that would like coverage in the zine, on the blog and in a issue of the zine?
If you know of or if you have a metal band, get in contact. It doesn't matter if it's a demo or an album.
BUT please:
Only the following metal: black metal, death metal, thrash metal, heavy metal, power metal or combinations of those. Please no hardcore bands and no Hellyeah/Pantera/Five Finger Death Punch/Creed-like, nor any "groove" bands, no stoner bands.
Prog metal and doom metal are welcome, as long as it is not "prog" that comes from hardcore and no "doom" that is the indie/hipster/postrock variety.
Thank you.
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