Friday, October 30, 2015

Slutvomit (Washington state)

Slutvomit (Washington state)
According to the book of heavy metal written in blood on iron pages, if you name your band with the word “vomit” in it, then you are hereby obligated to play raw extreme metal that is perfect for cult status and zealous allegiance of diehard underground metalheads. I have never met these maniacs, but they sound like a fine, fine metal band that would make Nifelheim and Blasphemy proud. Check the picture of the band with the mighty Nifelheim.
They sound like they have had enough of the hipsters and indie rock people that populate the college town of Bellingham. Hey, no need to feel sorry for yourself if you are a metalhead, form a band and play the metal that you want to hear. Metal Archives says that they formed in 2006 and they have the following discography: the “Satanic Slut Metal” demo from 2007, the “Turning the Cross Towards Hell” EP from 2011, and the “Swarming Darkness” album from 2013. Now they are threatening society with a new album! Meanwhile you can bang your head to the “metal of death” songs that they have available for you here:

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