Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sinaya (English)

Sinaya (Brasil) has a new video.
Band formed in July / 2010 with strong influence of thrash, death metal and black metal. After many formations, Sinaya resurfaces in 2014 with a new lineup, riffs influenced by better Death Metal and guttural vocal gross.
Sinaya was established in July 2010. After several lineup changes, Mylena, who has played guitar, bass and vocals in the band in 2014 invited Renata (Marie Dolls, former Hellarise) to take the guitars, Aline Dutchi (Haze) for battery and Camila Toledo (Final Nightmare) for bass. Together, they decided to improve the style of the band, with Riffs more distorted, more fingerings, brief solos, more blast beats and double pedals, a heavy bass and well worked, a throaty vocals and backing vocals torn. Sinaya resurfaces in 2014 with a new purpose, new training, new proposal and stronger than ever!

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