Thursday, October 22, 2015


Einheit Produktionen
release date:
September 18th, 2015
Saxorior’s first recording is from 1994, and ever since then the band has been perfecting its art. Now, for this 2015 new album they went all out to make the album that would sound as if it were the last thing they would ever do in this life and possibly the next. New and old listeners alike will be surprised by this encounter of epic headbanging melodic symphonic extreme metal. The new album finds Saxorior, whose name combines Saxon and warrior, reaching into the ancient past of their cultural heritage. The music shows the band bringing all of its experience for the best possible album that they can realize.
Saxorior has spent serious time working on this album, and the listener can immediately tell. The album is an aural documentary, a concept album that stands as a high achievement for the band, and its dedication to and love of metal.
The album is called “Saksen” [modern German spelling: “Sachsen”], the ancient peoples that settled in what is now Germany. Of course, the Saxons, Angles, Jutes and other closely-related ancient Teutonic peoples are historically known for invading and settling in Britain.
However, the Saxons on the continent are documented as being particularly resistant to Christianity and to the expansion of the Frankish kingdom in what is now France. The Frankish king Charlemagne waged wars in order to expand his influence and to Christianize the Saxons. Some see a thirty-year period of wars between the Frankish kingdom against the Saxons, from 772 to 804, some eighteen battles in what is now northwestern Germany. Afterward, Saxony was made part of the Frankish kingdom and there took place a forced conversion from aboriginal Teutonic beliefs to the new and foreign religion of Christianity.
The album “Saksen” has the following songs:
1.Hinreise 03:38
2.Saksen 09:15
3.Litus Saxonicum 06:56
4.Irminsul 05:21
5.Blutbad von Verden 10:44
6.Sax 04:45
7.Stellinga 06:21
8.Rückkehr 04:44
total time 51:44
As you can imagine, the history of the Saxons is important to Saxorior. For instance, “Blutbad von Verden” is the episode of the Massacre of Verden in which some 4,500 Saxon prisoners were executed in cold blood by the Frankish king Charlemagne in 782, as part of his campaign to subjugate and Christianize the Saxons. Or, for example, “Stellinga” is the last Saxon uprising that happened between 841 and 845.
After listening to the album for some time, the music on display is really impressive and I can imagine how much difficult work it must have been over the years to put together this work of art. Can there be any other explanation as to why this band has made such an album, the kind of work that probably drove them mad more than a few times and caused lots of stress? It must be the all-consuming passion for metal music.
By the way, some politically correct people have accused the band of being a right-wing political group.
On its website the band has posted a statement regarding this matter. The band says that at no time have they made political declarations in favor of right-wing political parties. According to the band, any such accusations come from people who do not even know the band.
Well, clearly, on this album, the band’s concern is the myths, legends and history of the Saxons. History, religion, culture and politics of ancient times are the topics of the album, not some type of present-day political message in favor of a political ideology.
Support the metal of Saxorior, not rumors and gossip.

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