Saturday, October 3, 2015


by MMB
Raglaia (Japan) is a heavy/modern metal band fronted by Rami, who is known for her time with Aldious from about 2008-2012, during the time that Aldious played speedy power/melodic metal.
This is Rami’s return to action. Raglaia is uptempo modern, melodic metal that keeps the energy up. Rami supporters should be happy with Raglaia in 2015. The two EPs sound great.
This new band has two singles, as follows.
"Breaking Dawn" (April 8th, 2015)
1.Forlorn? 05:34
2.Outer Dark 04:39
3.Cross 04:56
4.Forlorn? 05:36 instrumental
total time 20:45
"Promises" (August 12th, 2015)
1.Aching Memories 04:47
2.Promises 04:50
3.Strings of Fate 05:35
4.Aching Memories 04:46 instrumental
5.Promises 04:51 instrumental
total time 24:49
Metal Archives gives the lineup as:
Ery: bass (2015-present)
Youth-K!!!: drums (2015-present)
K-A-Z: guitars (2015-present)
Rami: vocals (2015-present)
The past few of days I have been listening to the music. Even though I don’t feel comfortable going into much detail yet, I can tell you that I like where this band is going. I basically just found out about the band the other day and bought the two releases. We’ll see if an album is on the way soon. These two singles suggest that something good could be coming.

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