Saturday, October 31, 2015

news & updates: VEHEMENCE

Forward Without Motion
Battleground Records
release: 23 October 2015
This death metal band from Arizona, U.S. apparently has been gone for 10 years or more. They used to be on Metal Blade Records and in 2004 they had the album called “Helping the World to See.” The period of absence from the public eye is over because they have a new album. The new work is an upfront, modern death metal album with gruff vocals and blasting, but the difference is that the guitar work shows a lot of effort to be memorable both in the riffs and the soloing. This type of “melodic death metal” is different from the metalcore that some people associate with the term. The band clearly considers itself part of death metal and they sound like it, while at the same time the guitar work shows that they are not afraid of skill and hard work. These veterans strike a balance between keeping the music heavy and being confident to do their own take on “melodic death metal” in 2015.

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