Saturday, October 24, 2015

news & updates: Tyranny

After a pause of 15 years, Tyranny has a new album.
"Tyranny is an uncompromising Funeral Doom band from Finland, formed in 2001. The current discography of the Tyranny Duumvirate comprises of “Bleak Vistae” EP released in 2004 and “Tides of Awakening” full-length released in 2005. The Latest album "Aeons in Tectonic Interment" will be released in 2015.
TYRANNY was conceived under the strain of a Stranger Will to channel the Ageless resonations of Earth and Oceans and sonorous visions and fevered dreams by the means of epic, Funereal Soundscapes."
L. Lindqvist - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
M. Mäkelä - Guitars, Vocals, Samples
live members:
J. Lustig - Guitars
A. Mäkinen - Keyboards, samples
J-P. Manner - Drums
If you support really slow music, you might be interested in the band. This is what various people at Metal Archives have said about the previous album "Tides of Awakening" from 2005:
"It's really the atmosphere that makes this album work. If I'm being totally honest, it's the only element that I can even recall or appreciate about it in most instances. Here I am giving a high score to an album that I'll fully admit to not even knowing the track names for (and there are only fuckin' five of them), but it's because this doesn't still with you for the same reason something from a more energetic genre will. I'm never going to hear a part in any given funeral doom album that makes me go "Whoa shit, that was awesome, what track was that?" like I would with an album in pretty much any other genre. That's a characteristic of funeral doom as a whole to me, and Tides of Awakening just exemplifies it. From start to finish, this is basically one monstrous plateau of misery and helplessness. Sure, each song builds and climaxes appropriately, but at no point does the music take me anywhere other than the loneliest place imaginable. It's basically just one huge, hour long experience where you just sit at the bottom of the ocean while the weight of all the water pushes down upon you, and you struggle for air for a short while before understanding the cosmic futility of your perseverance, and then simply waiting to lose consciousness underneath all the pressure. The entire experience is just one long funeral dirge, wherein you spend all of the time alternating between reflecting upon the mistakes you made and then cursing yourself for allowing it all to end with those loose ends still hanging. I can't even call this a "journey" like I tend to when trying to be vague and metaphorical with my description, because it's very static. At no point do I feel like my story is progressing, I'm just sitting here, being pummeled ever so slowly by the increasing weight of each wave."
"Tyranny is a Finnish duo that plays glacially slow and extremely crushing funeral doom that leave the listener shaken and uncomfortable. It's like the painfully slow march into impenetrable darkness. The riffs are massive, moving along at a pace so slow it's downright glacial, but the production quality is clear. The growled vocals are absolutely inhuman as they wail from the deep. The low tuned guitars create an absolutely chilling soundscapes of horror that swallow the listener completely. The keyboard/ sound-effects are very creepy and flow seamlessly in and out of focus. I must say that the second track "Sonorous Howl From Beyond the Stars" is one of the most gloriously nightmarish songs I have ever had heard as it easily captures extremely dark and suffocating mood Howard Phillip Lovecraft was so famed for. But not only Lovecraft and the works of his colleagues are the main source of inspiration for Tyranny: a certain dreamlike flow is always present in their music and dreams play a significant role in creating the atmosphere of utter hopelessness and desolation. If you enjoyed Tyranny and their mauling Lovecraftian doom I would also like to recommend Fungoid Stream and Catacombs."
"Many people may be distracted by this album because there's no progression in songwriting. The album consists of four lengthy tracks, that all sound more or less the same and flow into one another perfectly (when I first heard "Tides of Awakening, I couldn't tell when one song ended and the other began.), and a rather pointless ambient outro. This not an album you should buy if you like great songwriting. It's the atmosphere, which is delivered perfectly, that makes this a great release."
"Uncompromising and extreme, to be sure, and those without a taste for excruciatingly slow and oppressive music are urged to approach Tides Of Awakening with great caution. But if you love Thergothon as much as these guys obviously do, then snap this puppy up, because you will love it."
"The first track is the best one on account of the slow, winding lead guitar. See everyone, that's how you do it: instead of trying to impress everybody by tossing in an accordion or some other stupidity, just let your instruments talk but have them speak in a very erudite fashion. It reminds a bit of Esoteric at points, but more in the manner of using the same good ideas as opposed to plagiarizing. The slow tempo and “depressive” (I do hate that word) conceptual themes and pipe organs and growling vocals and all the rest don't mean much to me by themselves: what makes this kind of music good, in general, is the flowing, layered sound and its deliberate evolution across the course of a song, and that is captured here quite well. After that my interest declines, as in the following songs there's a bit less epic lead playing and a lot more dragging repetition, and I find myself thinking, “Well, this track's getting a bit dull but at least we're drawing to the end of it” only to look at the timer and see that we're but nine minutes into a sixteen-minute song. Albums like this set the standard for the current wave of funeral doom and leave bedroom band amateurs choking dust, but I'd rather that the bar were raised instead."
Tyranny - Aeons in Tectonic Interment Album Teaser
Tyranny - Aeons in Tectonic Interment (Full album)

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