Wednesday, October 21, 2015

news and updates: Vastum

Hole Below
20 Buck Spin
release: 6 November 2015
This band goes for the old-style primitive and cavernous death metal. We know that today tech-death and deathcore are popular, and many people consider that to be “brutal death metal.” Well, what about the classic-style death metal, the death metal that does not need a bunch of additional tags to define it? What about anti-fancy and anti-perfection death metal? What about Bolt Thrower/Autopsy-like heaviness? One crazy freak over at Metal Archives has said the following about this band: “In short, if you're a metalhead from the Bay and you don't buy, beg or steal this, then you officially suck!” Well, if you are into old death metal, then give Vastum your support. Go to Bandcamp. They don’t seem to have the new songs up yet, but you can listen to the previous material and get a real good idea about the band.

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