Tuesday, October 6, 2015

new album by Magister Templi

Magister Templi has a new album. Just in case the band is new to you, below you will find a bit of information about the band and the album.
Magister Templi
Into Duat
Cruz Del Sur Music
Release: 18 September 2015
"After having deeply explored the different aspects of Crowley’s philosophy on their previous releases Iao Sabao and Lucifer Leviathan Logos, Norwegian occult heavy metal band MAGISTER TEMPLI returns with its second full length, Into Duat, in which they focus thematically on some of the central myths and gods of the Egyptian Mythology (“Duat” is the realm of the God Osiris).
As on their 7’’ Nyarlathotep from 2014, the band has moved even further away from their doom-inspired beginnings, towards a more open-minded musical experience that is strongly based on filthy traditional heavy metal. Heavy guitars, intense drumming and authoritarian, preaching vocals are key ingredients." [press release]
So far the album has been received well. For instance, this is an excerpt from Metal Archives:
"Magister Templi is a top tier traditional metal and they're exactly how “true” metal should sound in 2015. It's not too cheesy nor rehashed and it has this classy distinguished feel (not as refined as Borrowed Time though but these guys were hard to beat). Ornamented by a beautiful and evocative artwork, you just can't ignore the mighty power of these guys. It's a required spin for trad metal fans."
Find out more here: www.cruzdelsurmusic.com

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