Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Mordrean is the one-person raw/necro cave black metal entity of Demona. At Bandcamp you can hear the complete recording, which is called "Under the Black Frost." Demona says Mordrean started in 2013. The name reportedly comes from a "tale about a warrior who was betrayed by her clan, but after having received the dark gift she found shelter in the darkness of the night and strength to shed the blood of those who betrayed her." Mordrean is originally from Curitiba-PR, Brazil, but Metal Archives lists California, U.S. as the current residence.
This is straight-up necro black metal that rages in the wild, with no regard for sophistication and beauty. The music is ugly and insane, and it sounds awesome. If you know that raw black metal is music for you, then you'll be alright, you can hang with this recording.
"Under the Black Frost" by Mordrean (March 10th, 2014)
1.Under the Black Frost 06:37
2.Philosophical Winter 06:22
3.Filhas da Escuridão 04:44
4.Pagan Coldness 04:16
5.Invoking the South Wind 03:54
total time 25:53
Listen for yourself here:

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