Monday, October 12, 2015


King Heavy (Chile) formed in 2012 and play doom/heavy metal. They are on Cruz del Sur Music.
Horror absoluto EP 2014
Almas malditas Split 2014
King Heavy Full-length 2015
"King Heavy was intiated on the spot in 2009 when Luce (vocals) and Daniel (Bass) met at the Doom Shall Rise festival in Germany. These two brothers in doom have been exchanging music and ideas ever since. The encounter of Daniel with Matias (Guitars) and Miguel (Drums) in 2012 let the formation of a real band. Finally the ideas and riffs finally were put in real arrangements during rehearsals by the three Chilean members (Daniel, Matias and Miguel). This led to demo-recordings of 4 songs which were sent from Chile to Belgium. Luce added vocals and in a pre-production fase all was sent back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean for and with doom filled feedback! Mid 2013 the Four Kings Of Doom recorded their debut EP "Horror Absoluto", which will be presented live in Chile, Peru and Ecuador in May 2014. "Horror Absoluto" will be available as a self-produced CD during the tour. Later on it will be released in Europe as a split vinyl (Authentic Metal Worship series) together with Doomlord" (Facebook bio)

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