Thursday, October 15, 2015

free EP of symphonic extreme metal: Evnen

Free EP of symphonic extreme metal. Free when last checked on October 14th, 2015.
The basic idea of Evnen (Spain) in 2012 was to mix death metal with classical and epic sounds. They now have a new recording ready for you to hear. The recording is solid in quality and the songs feature extreme metal with a strong presence of piano/keyboards. The band clearly knows what it is doing and shows a certain level of experience in the execution of the symphonic, melodic black/death metal.
Jonathan Plaza: vocals
Daniel Aparicio: bass guitar
Sergi Tomàs: piano/keyboards
Diego Pérez: guitars
Jordy Rodriguez: guitars
Yann Parés: drums
"Act. I" by Evnen
release date: October 13th, 2015
1.Incursus 06:07
2.Rise of the Phoenix 07:12
3.Shades of Suffering 05:34
4.Fate Is Written 01:21
5.Origins 06:13
total time 26:27

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